e-gold – gold itself circulated electronically

e-gold – gold itself, … … … boasts “Better Money since 1996″ and in many ways they are right. e-gold gives users the chance to own gold at a fraction of the

e-gold – gold itself,Guest Posting circulated electronicallyBy TheGoldShop.bize-gold boasts “Better Money since 1996″ and in many ways they are right. e-gold gives users the chance to own gold at a fraction of the usual cost, e-gold gives users unlimited freedom to make purchases worldwide for goods and services and gives merchants excellent security with irrevocable transactions (no chargeback’s).e-gold in many ways is better then cash, far better and cheaper to use then credit cards and by far quicker and at a fraction of the cost for making international money transfers.About e-golde-gold is based offshore with a Nevis W.I. company structure, secure from the pitfalls of being located in the USA or other western countries. e-gold secures account balances in gold stored in various third party gold depositories around the world. e-gold was established by Dr. Douglas Jackson who is still the chairman and is active in the e-gold, gold and digital gold backed currency community. For people interested in learning more about the e-gold community, e-gold hosts a high volume email discussion list (read the e-gold list online without subscribing).Irrevocable Transactionse-gold gives the user and merchant alike unparallel security against identity theft, user profiling, funds movement tracing through their semi-anonymous online payment system. Users and merchants have the freedom to send and accept transfers without the risk of identity theft and payment reversals.Where to use e-goldInformation on merchants that prefer e-gold can be found at a861.com and gold-pages.net. There are merchants that accept e-gold and other digital currencies (or e-currencies) offering all the usual services that can be found on the internet. e-gold users can buy web hosting, domain names, coffee and other food stuffs, website design services, business services (like offshore corporations), goods and services from most online retailers even if they do not take e-gold through a “proxy shop” company AllMart – so now e-gold users can buy off all websites that takes credit cards like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. e-gold also has a WAP interface so users can make payments offline using your mobile phone.Pay your bills using e-goldYou can also pay your bills using e-gold, many e-gold exchange agents offer check redemption services. Simply sell (or redeem) your e-gold for a check and have that sent directly to the company that you wish to pay, this could be anyone, from paying your credit card, power bill and all your local suppliers.The basicsThe e-gold system is setup in the following way, firstly there is e-gold – this is where your money (or gold) is securely stored with online account access. To fund your e-gold account there are e-gold exchange agents, these companies take your US$ or other national dollars via cash deposit, credit card, bank wire or bank transfer and exchange your money into e-gold and into your e-gold account. Likewise, to redeem e-gold for cash (be it via bank wire or check) e-gold users also use the services of a e-gold exchange agent. Most e-gold exchange agents operate worldwide with email and phone support, so regardless where you are located in the world you can easily buy e-gold.Buying e-goldUsers must first have a e-gold account – e-gold accounts are free, anyone can open one and you can have as many as you like. If you do not have a e-gold account, you can open a free e-gold account here now. Next you need to find an e-gold exchange agent. Thankfully most e-gold exchange agents offer worldwide (USA, Europe and Asia) offering funding options in many countries, typical services include cash deposit, credit cards, bank wire, bank transfer and checks. Orders for e-gold are placed on the exchange agent website and processed by the operators usually within a few days depending of the funding option requested by customer. First orders can take longer – see “Your first purchase – getting verified!” below, returning clients should expect funding within a day or two.Where to find a e-gold exchange agentThese web pages list e-gold exchange agents;Global Digital Currency Association (verified & rated)Electronic Currency Merchants Association – Memberse-gold.com – e-gold directory (verified)a861.com – e-gold exchange agents (rated)gold-pages.net – exchange agents (rated)(With the above list; verified means the identification of the exchange agent operators are known and rated means the exchange agent reputation has been rated)Your first e-gold purchase – getting verified!When making your first purchase of e-gold the new user can expect that the exchange agent will check their identity or be “verified”. Verification procedures vary between different exchange agents but at least you should expect a phone call. This verification requirement has come about due to the massive amount of credit card fraud, bank account hacking and phishing scams currently on the internet. Responsible e-gold exchange agents try to protect people who have meet unfortunately with a scammer / hacker by not letting the theft move there ill gotten gains into e-gold. Your personal information is always protected using 128 bit SSL website, secure web servers, strict privacy policies and all client information is kept confidential. The verification requirements are higher for credit card use due to the fact credit card fraud is massive on the internet and online retailers / shops … including e-gold exchange agents.Secure your gold!With e-gold security is the users responsibility, remember all e-gold transactions are irrevocable – even if your account is hacked! e-gold helps protect your account by giving you the security feature called Account Sentinel (AccSent), leave this feature on (it is on by default for all new accounts). AccSent will email you every time someone tries to log into your e-gold account with a different IP address – careful, if you lose your email address you will not be able to log into your e-gold account.A tip is to use two email addresses like this; [email protected], [email protected] (that is “email1 comma space email2″) on your e-gold account – using this tip means both emails will be notified upon login or account profile changes.Making sure your computer is protected also protects your e-gold account from unauthorized transfers, it is highly recommended that you have adequate computer security. Computer security at least includes up-to-date firewall software, antivirus software and all operating system updates are installed on your computer.Using a long passphrase (sentence) on your e-gold account and not saving that passphrase (password) on your computer helps greatly as well.All too easye-gold offers easy transfers between accounts for the purchase of a multitude of products and services at a faction of the cost of other worldwide money transfer systems. e-gold offers users the easiest way to pay anyone around the world without providing personal information (no risk of identity theft or profiling). e-gold offers merchants a worldwide client base and irrevocable transactions safe from chargeback’s. e-gold also caters for both large and same transfers and account balances, for example maximum transfer fee is only 50 cents and all funds (large and small) are securely backed by gold held in third party gold depositories around the world.About the authorThe operators of TheGoldShop.biz are verified members of the GDCA and ECMA and have operated e-gold exchange businesses since 2001. Article reprint permission granted as long as article remains intact and not edited in anyway, including this “about the author” and all hyperlinked URLs remain unaltered.

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Commodity Futures Trading – An Overview

Know more about futures trading. The article provides information about futures trading, advantages of futures trading, futures trading styles, types of futures contract available and futures trading brokers. Will be beneficial for all those interested in trading futures and commodities.

Futures trading are the trading of future contracts. Commodity future contracts are contracts made to trade the underlying commodities somewhere in the future at a fixed rate,Guest Posting usually in the present day rate. Like stock trading, futures are traded in specific centralized trading markets like S&P and Globex. Recently, there is a huge increase in the number of traders trading futures contracts. This can be of many reasons as

1) the simplicity of trading enabling virtually any one to trade,

2) high liquidity present in the market due to the huge volumes of trades done very day,

3) the stability of the market compared to others,

4) easy to own underlying commodity – can buy a high priced product at lower prices at the time of contract,

5) low commission rates compared to trading underlying futures stocks,

6) the ability to trade from home with reduced working capital,

7) lower initial investment needed,

8) the availability of mini futures requiring less account minimums and having narrow spreads, and

9) the presence of a variety of underlying products present on market.

There are mainly two types of futures trading contracts available in a futures market as those require a physical delivery and those require a cash settlement. The contracts which require a physical delivery are known as commodity futures and include futures for agricultural commodities like rice, wheat, sugar, oats; energy commodities like natural gas, crude oil, heating oil and others such as animals, wood etc. Futures contract which require a cash settlement are known as financial futures and involve treasury notes, bonds, mutual funds etc. The buying of futures, in the commodity futures market, is known as “going long” and selling the futures is known as “going short”. According to the trading style followed, online futures traders can be broadly classified in to two as hedgers and speculators. Hedgers are traders who trade for price certainty. Usually they are the issuer of futures contracts, who do so to tackle the potential loss at the actual trading time of the underlying commodity. Speculators are the actual traders buying, holding and selling these contracts for profit. Speculators include all types of traders; arbitragers, day traders, swing traders and position traders. Every Futures trading require a futures trading broker or futures commission merchant (FCM). A futures trading broker is an intermediate between the public trader and the futures market, who deposit a margin from the web trader to the futures trading market to make the trader a recognized one. There are two types of futures trading brokers, full-service brokers and discount brokers. A futures trading broker is responsible for maintaining the records such as each customer’s margin deposits, open futures, money balances, transaction completed etc. For providing these services futures trading brokers charge a commission fee, which varies which brokers. All these process are regularly monitored by Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the federal agency protecting against manipulation, abuse, fraud and scams

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