Brief introduction about stock futures trading

Stock futures trading is buying and selling bunch of stocks which is based on future.An investor is liable to pay a specific amount at the time of trasaction made.

A futures contract is an agreement between two parties,Guest Posting where a contract is made for buying and selling stocks, it includes all details like a number of shares, the name of parties, the price of shares, Specific time and date also.This is a contract made for future, it displays at the time of transaction actually take place.Futures contracts include stock futures, commodities, indices and so on.

What are stock futures:

Stock futures are basically a derivatives contract that provides you right to buy and sell a bunch of stocks on a fixed date at a fixed price.You are responsible for fulfilling all terms and condition of the particular agreement.If you are new in trading you can also take stock futures tips from experts to clear important factors about stock futures trading.

Characteristics of stock futures

1. Durations – Stock futures are an agreement based on future.Where one party is ready to sell or buy shares to another party at a pre-decided rate, date and time.Since it is based on future the duration is decided at the time of preparation of contract.Futures contracts are available for duration of 1 month, 2 months and 3 months, this durations known as near month, middle month and far month.Every new contract is made after the expiration of the agreement.

2.Size of contracts -

Contracts can not be prepared for a single share. In derivatives, contracts made for the transactions of a bunch of shares.Contracts consist of a fixed lot of shares, the size of that lot is approved by exchange in which shares are traded.It differs from stock to stocks.Some of the major assets in which futures contracts are available are equity, commodity and indices.

3.Pre- defined terms and condition – This is a contract of buying and selling underlying assets at a specific price, that means a person promise to pay the price of assets at a given time period.Stock futures always has some standardised terms and conditions.Futures contracts are highly standardised, they have deep liquidity and high rate of profit if an investor is well aware how to manage his risk.

Advantages of trade in stock futures

1.Liquidity- Futures contract are traded every day in huge numbers, futures have high liquidity.Constantly purchasing and selling of futures contract make futures market wide and market order place very quickly in the market.We can gain a good amount of profit quite easily by following experts futures tips, stock tips and daily updates.

2.Commission cost is comparatively low – Commission in futures contracts are low and it is charged at the time of ending of position.It depends on the level of services a broker providing you to improve your investment.

3.Can make quick money – An investor with better knowledge about share market can make quick money on their investment as prices of futures contract tend to grow faster.Point to be remembered that it also include risk as well, you need to know how to manage your risk and how to gain more profit.

4.Low execution cost – This is the best advantage of stock futures that an investor has only to put a small amount as a margin on the exchange.If a trader predicts market situation correctly and takes decision at right time, he can make a huge profit from investing in the futures contract.

Difference between stocks and stock futures

1.When you buy stocks of a company, you are becoming a part of that company, but if you buy a stock futures contract, you are just creating a contract with a person or company, this contract will end at the time of expiration of the contract.

2.In stocks, you will have to pay for the particular stocks at the time of purchase along with broker commission while in stock futures you don’t need to pay any commission to brokers.

3.For purchasing of stocks you only need enough capital in your account, account that created at the time of registration.When you make a purchase of a stock, the amount of that stocks will be deducted from your account while in futures contract you have to deposit a nominal amount(initial margin) in exchange to cover future losses.

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Sterling Silver – The “Other” Precious Metal

History of Sterling Silver

Silver jewelry has been a staple in the lives of mankind since humans discovered the versatility of silver and the many uses it has. Silver has been used for functional and aesthetic purposes. In times of old,Guest Posting silver was used to create flatware and armor to protect soldiers on their way into battle. Silver jewelry was later created and used by Phoenician and Egyptian citizens desiring attractive and convenient pieces to add to their jewelry collections. Over time silver has been used to create flatware, decorative art, coins, dental fillings, jewelry and more.

Silver is produced in many different areas, though the highest concentrations of silver output come from Mexico and Peru.

One of the reasons sterling silver jewelry is so popular is its affordability and versatility. Sterling silver can be crafted into many different jewelry items including charms, rings and chains. Silver jewelry is often mistaken for other more precious metals including white gold and platinum.

Common Types of Silver

There are many different types of silver that can be used to create sterling silver jewelry. Silver is considered one of the precious metals along with its cousins gold, platinum and titanium.

Fine Silver – this is silver in its most natural state, when it is considered 99% pure. Often this type of silver is too soft to create ordinary products and is almost liquid in form. Usually silver has to be mixed with other metal alloys in order to create jewelry and household wear.

Sterling Silver – sterling is a mixture of fine silver and other metal alloys. The silver is considered about 92.5% pure. Sterling is usually combined with approximately 7.5% copper to make the jewelry more long lasting and durable. Sterling silver jewelry is usually marked on the inside with a “925″, indicative of its purity. Sterling silver jewelry made of just the right combination of silver and metal allows a jeweler to create a long lasting, durable piece that is shiny and brilliant enough to be mistaken for more expensive precious metals. Sterling silver is more likely to tarnish over time because of the presence of copper; however this relatively mild side effect can be minimized through proper care. By consistently cleaning your silver jewelry you’ll never even notice anything other than a beautiful shine and luster.

Silver Plating – plating occurs when a base metal such as nickel is covered with a layer of pure silver. This is often one of the most durable forms of silver, and is usually much less expensive than sterling silver because the percentage of pure silver in the jewelry is quite low. Most base metals need a re-coat of pure silver every few years to maintain a shiny outer coat and to prevent the base metal from peaking through the coating.

Nickel Silver – nickel silver is a combination of nickel, copper and zinc that is not actually silver, but resembles silver. It is an inexpensive and popular item that can be used to create look-alike jewelry.

Vermeil – this form of silver was popular in the eighteenth century. Silver is plated in gold, providing a polished and expensive looking custom piece of jewelry.

Caring for Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry does have a tendency to scratch more often than other metals, and may tarnish over time. Proper care can ensure however that the jewelry remains shiny and well kept. The following tips will ensure that your sterling silver lasts a long time and maintains its luster and original appearance:

Sterling silver jewelry should be stored in a cool dry place to reduce environmental damage.

Consider keeping each piece in an individual cloth pouch to prevent scratching.

Use a jewelry cleaner or polishing solution at least once a month to clean the surface of silver jewelry to help maintain its luster.

Use a soft cloth to clean silver; never use a toothbrush or other abrasive material that might result in scratching.

Clean silver at the first signs of tarnishing, when a yellowish tint appears on the jewelry. If you wait until the silver has turned black, you’ll have to scrub harder and may damage the shine on the jewelry.

Consider using chemical dipping agents which clean jewelry without scrubbing.

Avoid cleaners that contain ammonia which can also turn silver jewelry black, consider soapy water instead.
Sterling silver is a popular item in part because it is more reflective than many precious metals. Proper care will ensure that silver jewelry remains beautiful for years to come. If you have other items in the house made of silver, such as silver wear or other household items, always use a cleaner or dip specifically designed to clean silver metal. Never put these items in a dishwasher, because you will scratch the surface and cause irreparable damage.

Purchasing Silver

When buying silver jewelry, you should be prepared to take your time to select quality pieces, just as you would if selecting a more expensive jewelry item. Young consumers are often attracted to sterling silver jewelry because it is so affordable and beautiful. Sterling silver also comes in many contemporary and modern designs which are appealing to young consumers.

So what should you look for when shopping? First and foremost always check the interior for the 925 mark, to ensure that you are purchasing premium sterling silver rather than sterling silver plating. Keep in mind that the more pure the silver, the more soft and likely that a piece will scratch, so don’t go for anything more pure than sterling silver.

If you are looking to buy many different pieces, you might consider buying wholesale silver jewelry online. By doing so you’ll be able to buy in bulk, and acquire large amounts of silver jewelry at inexpensive prices. Many jewelers and home business owners get into the habit of buying wholesale silver jewelry online because they can re-sell the merchandise at a higher price. There are hundreds of pieces to choose from, and you might even find a collection with a certain theme that appeals to you or the people you might be selling to.

Whey buying for yourself you should ensure you know what size jewelry you need if buying a ring. You might consider buying complete sets that include ring, bracelet and charm. Sets are very popular options for consumers purchasing sterling silver jewelry.

Silver is an exceptional choice for consumers looking for fine jewelry that is precious, attractive and inexpensive. From the dawn of time, mankind has invested in silver for practical and aesthetic purposes. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend investing in a little silver.

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